My name is Nicole Ibrahim, and I’m currently engaged in the endless pursuit of knowledge.

I have an Associates in Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime from Richland College and a Bachelors of Technology in Information Assurance and Digital Forensics from Oklahoma State University’s Institute of Technology.

Over the course of my education I’ve developed a passion for research which is what inspired me to create this blog.

From the personal time I spend devoting to Digital Forensics research, I plan to use this blog to contribute to the forensics community, and spark conversation.

Information Technology is an ever growing arena with advancements happening at a rapid pace. This directly impacts digital forensics and infosec professionals as they must continually expand their skill set.

Some may see this as drawback, I view it as an opportunity; an opportunity to satisfy my endless curiosity, love for knowledge, passion for technology, research, and science; and finally, contribute my research publicly in the process.