The Voyage Begins


My blogging quest has officially begun. Thankfully, for both my sake and yours, I’m not new to the idea. I’ve spent many late hours scouring through other forensics sites like Sans Computer Forensics Blog Cyberspeak, and Forensic Focus.

I’ve also been inspired by a couple of fellow forensics comrades (Matthew Seyer & Kevin Stokes) who started up their own blogs. If they hadn’t jumped on the “bad wagon” so to speak, it would have taken me much longer to start up my own. So a big thank you goes out to those guys.

My goal with this blog is to contribute my research, findings and methodologies in the field of Digital Forensics, eDiscovery and Information Assurance. With any luck, my posts will benefit those who read them, providing community support and generating needed feedback.

This field is growing so fast that it takes people with a fine-tuned set of skills, passion, perseverance and an end-less curiosity in order to do well. My comrades earlier mentioned fit the description perfectly, and I would like to believe that I do too.

Here’s to the betterment of the Forensics Community through the endless pursuit of knowledge.

HeX-OR Forensics – Nicole

Nicole Ibrahim

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